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Oct. 24th, 2007

(no subject)

don't stray away from me
because I can be all that you need
I'll always be by your side
kick me, push me, pull me
throw me around 
and push me down
I'll stand right back up
and try to hold my ground

I'm weak at the knees
and I can barely breathe
the sight of you takes my breath away

baby, I can be everything you want
just give me one chance
and I will prove this is fate
can't you feel the butterflies you give me?
what about the fireworks when we kiss?

you're all I want
all I need
so baby please stay with me


Jun. 28th, 2007

(no subject)

i can feel your blood rushing through my veins
your skin covering mine like a warm blanket
our hearts beat in sync
could this be love
or something we lust for
our hands fit together like a matching puzzle piece
the fire in our eyes show something
could this be love
or something we lust for

Jun. 20th, 2007

(no subject)

Yesssss, a day off. Got to sleep in without any interruptions, although I was supposed to get up early. Haha sorry Courtney. Now I'm gonna lay here and listen to music until I need to shower. -yawns- Maybe I can take a mini nap too lolll.

On a different note, I might get to go to San Francisco this weekend. That's exciting. Either that or up to Santa Barbara.. I'm trying to talk my mom into doing something, cause I believe I have fri-sun off.. Well I hope I do. But anyway, the only thing I really wanna do is go to san fran pride.. Sooooooo bad! It'd be weird to go with my mom though lol, but oh well! Okay I'm off! <3

(no subject)

The days seem shorter
and nights seem longer
I'm not sure where to go from here,
nothing seems too clear
life is just a blur
hours pass
days go by
nothing's changing
the days just run together
it's all the same shit
the nights drag on, never ending
can't sleep
can't think

the months go by
and still nothing has changed
nights too long
days too short
life still just one big blur

years have passed
I thought I'd be there by now
but here I sit in the same spot as before
no ambition, no desire
no will to strive and succeed

this is where I will be for years to come
days too short
nights too long
in this exact spot is where I will rot away

Jun. 19th, 2007

(no subject)

when your hand is in mine
and you're all I see
nothing else matters
and nothing ever will
as long as you're hand is still in mine
I know we'll be fine

forever baby.
I'll make promises I can keep,
whisper in your ear, "you're all I need"

I'll hold you tight
you know it's right
I'll kiss you softly
let my feelings rest upon your lips

Oh it is right
we both feel it in our hearts
each beat faster with each touch
it can't be wrong
I promised you forever and....

Forever baby,
it will be forever
with your hand in mine
it will last forever

(no subject)

why does time fly by
when I'm by your side

lets just stop time
live in this moment
the moment where you were all I saw

take my hand
never let go
we'll live in this moment
for the rest of eternity

I know I'm scared
I know I'm shy,
but I can't help it,
because you still give me butterflies

you make my heart beat fast
you make my heart beat slow
with just a simple touch
a simple kiss

when I see you smile,
it makes my day worth while
if I could freeze these moments
I'd live in them forever

so, when you start to fall
I will be there to catch you
I'll hold on to you
and whisper, "I'll never let you go"

just take my hand
and follow me
I'll take you to the spot
where we can stop time,
and live in this moment forever

spend the rest of our lives in pure bliss
hand in hand
we'll live in this moment forever

time is all I ask for

I have a story to tell
and no it's not a tragedy
more like a fairytale
see once upon a time
there was a girl
beautiful in every aspect
but untouchable is what I thought
so I watched from afar
your moves so graceful
your beauty overtook me

when you came close
I stood still
I kept my distance
but hoped that someday you'd look my way
and our eyes would meet,
and at that moment our hearts would beat in sync,
and we'd know....
but this never happened,
and no it's still not a tragedy
for one day we will meet,
and our hearts will beat in sync
and we will know.

(no subject)

Her eyes are the most beautiful ones I've seen,
breathtaking even,
she means a lot to me,
but it's something  no one can know.
My dirty little secret,
one I don't want to keep.
I wanna share the world with her,
I want her to be the one to take me away,
swipe me off my feet.
I don't wanna hide,
I want to love her..
But sadly, it'll never be....
So from here on
I'll just dream..
Dream of you and me..
Maybe one day we will be..
until then
I'll just keep falling.....
... I know one day you'll catch me.


Jun. 18th, 2007

what a theatrical performance..

 every word plays through my mind, a movie reel
but nothing comes out, it's just a blank screen.
sometimes something sticks, and the blank screen skips
the words play over and over again
now my minds a madman
the words are bigger than the screen
i try to spit them out and make a scene
but only a thin white line appears across the screen
it's a smile that i crack
i realize now that every word i said
are the ones i should've kept inside my head
this should've been the deleted scene
...the one they didn't show

(no subject)

follow the road less traveled
dark nights leave raveled hearts intertwined
with desires when your eyes meet the love below
wait to bestow what they have been looking to find
or maybe it's lost
melodic thoughts
losing time,
running rhymes
let it take you
let it lose you
be true to the crimes during dark nights
let fate unfold you
let dreams create lies
seperate before you're too late


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